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Our Man in Spam! - Rol takes spambots to task in defense of BarFly’s Yahoo outpost

BarFly Profile: Elvis! - Portland's own Elvis, interviewed by Miss Jen Lane

Private Mike is a Big, Fat, Liar - Private Mike puts it on to pull one on Portland

The Dirty Dozen: The Top Twelve Portland Lies by Jen Lane - Portland comes clean

L'Chaim, Y'all! Op-Ed by our far-flung correspondent, Jay Wi - Mayonnaise - condiment, life-style, deal-breaker

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures - A liar loses it

A Bucket of Lies by Tim Hinely - Sometimes compulsive liars come in compellingly cute packages.

The Bride Wore Barf by Mary Putnam - Bachelorettes are the biggest fakes of all

Fly Me to the Moon by Charlie Frost - Some liars are just too much fun NOT to keep around

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire by Cortney Harding - After dumping the big, bad, boyfriend, our author hears his lies for the first time

Curse of the Scum Artist by David Krough - Newsflash: HIPPIES SUCK.

Uncoventional Wisdom, by John Chandler - The down and dirty lies of daily life

The Community Chest by Storm Large - Storm Large on fake boobs - her own, in particular

Logbook: The Matador - Leafing through the Matador's employee logbook is sheer fun.

Mona Superhero - Jen Lane Interviews Miss Mona Super Hero, duct tape artist supreme!

Storm Large Interview - Jen Lane has a cocktail with the sultry lady of the night of the lady night.

Hell's Satans - Aaron Reichenberger is a real hot shot who does mountain bike wheelies all over town.

The Rules of Shotgun - Aaron Reichensmeichenschmare...fuck it, Dougsy Malone investigates the important nuances of claiming and riding shotgun. And also shooting shotguns, which I like.

Give me a stiff drink and a skank - Aaron's article about what he looks for in a bar.

Operation Checkout Girl - Aaron Reichenberger is back with this heartwarming family tale of love, hope and courage. By love we mean criminal obsession, by hope we mean utter desperation, and by courage we mean risk-taking actions with a valuable pastrami sandwich in hand.

New Years Fundraiser Orgy - Aaron Reichenberger surmises that sexy ladies dig dudes who throw fundraisers. It turns out to be true.

Why Hipsters Suck - Aaron Reichenberger goes to a Death Cab for Cutie show and postulates that hipsters do indeed suck.

Depressidating - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #19

For the love of money - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #18

Publish or perish - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #17

Procrastinator X - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #16

Who, me, depressed? - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #15

This Is Getting Old - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #14

The Land of Misfit Boys - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #13

I'm in love with my car - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #12

I'll smoke 'em if you got 'em - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #11

I stalk, therefore I am - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #10

How to ROCK! - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #9

Drive, she said - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #8

Bitch, bitch, bitch - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #7

Life Behind Bars - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #6

Home is where the heap is - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #5

The end of another brilliant career - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #3

Fashion backward - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #2

Welcome to my world - Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #1

Cracking the Code - David M. Chandler read the Da Vinci Code. I (not the author) am one of the 12 who haven't.

My Daily Bread - Tim Hinely likes bread. It tastes of rock.

17 simple rules for my roommate Andy - Anne Marie hates go-go dancers.

I Was a Teenage Hippie - Anne Marie really, really, really liked patchoulie oil as a child.

The Louisiana Miracle - It turns out that sex with prostitutes isn't that bad.

Ian Avi - Metal - Ian Avi speaks of metal, the bad ass bloody sword of rock'n'roll

Not Quite the Beach Boys - John Chandler perfers the musical stylings of Jan and Dean.

Props - Meltzer is really a big deal. Here's his poem from our Records issue.

My Nine Inch Sekrit - Wherein Tiffany Lee Brown is not even slightly embarrassed by her Nine Inch Nails aka NIN collection

Blogging Sucks, And So Do You - Tiffany Lee Brown posits that ranting bloggers really do suck peenor.

Ode to Amtrack - Tiffany Lee Brown takes a ride on the beloved Amtrak

Farewell to the house of fun - Free fixer uppers to motivated 1st time buyers, and why drinking and drugs in a free house is fun.

Heaven's Gate - Jay Horton starts talking about some sort of dream sequence in some film he wants to make.

Back to School - Dave Krough admits that he longs for teenage girls. Not really.

Celebrity Encounters - Lemmy from Motorhead - Dave Krough says ' Lemmy tell ya about it'

Film at 11 - Wherein David Krough stops whacking off to Jenny Garth to ponder death, and the various levels of death that occur.

Angel in My Bed - David Krough still whacks off to Jenny Garth, you know.

Nature Camping - Camping equals sex - that is when you are 16+ with a girl, not 12 with your mom.

Legend of the 4 Dot - I didn't read John Chandler's article before I posted it. I hope it's about washing hogs.

Zipper's Revenge - Bikers are not outlaw bad boys- they are lovable little cream puffs

Ooh-hoo Witchy Women - Living with roommates sucks. Particularly when they are witches and hex your ass.

ER Diary - This is kind of like what happened when during my last STD test. Except I wasn't in the hospital for days on end.

Conservative Friends - We are beginning to wonder - why does John Chandler hate America and wish it dead?

Christmas with Dumbass - Cortney likes holidays and dumbasses, as is evidenced from past BarFly articles. Here is one about Christmas.

New Year's Disillusion - New Year's eve sucks ass, and Cortney likes to tell you about the specific ass it sucks.

Buy Your Own Damn Drink! - How to purchase your own drinks in ten easy steps. Stop being a whore.

Top 10 Bar Books - The best books to read in a bar, because you are there to read, dammit.

If You Must Blog, Blog Carefully - Cortney Starr hates blogging. Or boring bloggers.

Who Got The Creek - Jay Horton loves Dawson's Creek. I haven't seen it.

Co-dependent Dysfunction - Sayer Wilson talks about her weird co dependent friend Shelly.

Chimera News

Down And Out In Beverly Hills 90210 - David Krough talks about his fondness for Beverly Hills 90210

How To Pick Up Girls Like Me - An article on how to pick up women, especially at bars and parties (Jen Lane's Drinking and Driving Column #4)

Goofus and Gallant's Guide to 21st Century Etiquette

Man or Barman?

With Friends Like These - Anne Marie talks about her obsession with the Friends television show

Pooping Conspiracy - John Chandler speaks of pooping and CIA conspiracies

Bi-Polar Disorder - Tiffany Lee Brown talking about bipolar disorder and tooth decay

My Mom is Crazy - Diana Binge talks about her crazy ass mom

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