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The Peg

Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2004 by Kyle
Last nights adventures lead us yet again to some of our timeless classics. Originally, I was going to go home after meeting with a client, seeing as I have an assload of work to do. For whatever reason, I decided to stop at XV for a $1.00 peebs . Soon, Peg showed up, and thus began the downward spiral. For visual reference, peg is the dude getting punched.

Peg Leg

Some car salesman we met tagged along, the whole time trying to sell Peg a car, and kept trying to get me to give him a job. Also, he was broke freeloading beer and cigarettes.

We went to visit Jason and RTB at Noir, where we had nice crispy $1.00 peebs as well. After bullshitting with the bar manager, apparently we are mistaken in thinking that Friday night has $1.00 pabst every week. That was just a special event. Ordinarily they are $2.00, which still get's classified as cheap.

We stumbled out of Noir after the deals ended and headed for the Boiler Room, where Peg and I sang Karaoke and got really hammered. Then, in a completely un charateristic move, Peg decided to Houdini and left me stranded.

I didn't feel like hanging out with car sales dudeman anymore, so I left feeling a bit pissed at Brandon for having pulled a houdini. I drunk dialed Dawn, who was happily having a wonderful dapper evening at El Gaucho with a girlfriend.

I live for getting hammered and being an asshole in places like that, but they had moved on to Saucebox. Let me tell you kids, pissed off, drunk and reeking of booze is the best way to live life, particularly in snooty fancy pants places like that. I sat there and got hammered with the annoying cook, he kept telling me I was an asshole. I tend to agree.

Portland, you hurt me sometimes.
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last night

Oh what did you do to me?
I didn't mean to get so hammered and hump a down syndrome Asian on a beer stained pool table.

Archived comment by peg on Wednesday, December 15, 2004
The Night Before Last After Yesterday

Where's my ride, bitch?

Archived comment by Jonas on Thursday, December 16, 2004

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