Couture Ultra Lounge

28 NW 4th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Phone: (971) 275.4272

Located in: Northwest Portland & near Downtown Portland - Visit Website
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BarFly's Review of Couture Ultra Lounge

Oh, we do worry about any lounge that’s Ultra—usually this means all the nightclub douchebaggery with none of the dancing. Brand-new Couture does boast the standard muted pink/blue lighting and exorbitant cocktail pricing of such places, with the added detail of, no shit, plaster tits and ass erupting from the back wall and a five-foot-tall print of The Rape of Persephone.

But the bartender we met was a friendly seasoned hand rather than the usual sneering, behaltered uptalker we’ve come to expect, those pricey cocktails are actually tasty and tasteful, and the place has yet to be drowned by the hemp-benecklaced, muscle-shirted varsity date-rape squad that drunkenly, loudly lurches down the Portland Riviera each Friday and Saturday night, which means despite its location abutting the truly toxic Dirty, Couture might have a chance of creating a vibe that’s much more Saucebox than (shudder) Aura.

They need, however, a better happy hour: twenty percent off your cheapest wine and food will not bring in the masses after work in an already crowded downtown scene.

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Reader Reviews of Couture Ultra Lounge
Couture Ultra Lounge has 1 user reviews.
Boomer Gen Losters

If you have ever been to Vegas lounges (Tabu, Tao, iBar....) then you have been to lounges like this only the crowds in Vegas are a bit younger. The atmosper is smoothly lit with plenty of room and open views to see or be seen. Good starter for the night but no dancing and the DJ has sucked BIG TIME each time I was there. (DJ YAZ... should be DJ SPAZ) Definately stop back by after 1am because there were lots of drunk cougars to choose from.

Reviewed Anonymously by Barely Baby Boomer on April 4, 2010, 9:37 am
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