Posted By Miss Jen Lane of BarFly fame on January 31, 2006, 8:06 pm

R.I.P. Thomas "Pig Champion" Roberts

Thomas "Pig Champion" Roberts, guitarist for Poison Idea, died at his home in Portland, Oregon, Monday night. A founding member of the seminal punk band, he continued to appear with Poison Idea throughout the late nineties and into the new millennium, despite officially quitting the band in 1993. Variously described as "spectacularly fat", and "the single largest man in hardcore history", Roberts crowned himself "Pig Champion" after hitting an impressive 450 lbs. on the scales. The highly regarded guitarist was revered by a devoted following worldwide. Fans and friends alike will feel the loss keenly. Please see Roberts' Oregonian obituary, copied below, for memorial and remembrance information. The following links are to profiles and histories of Poison Idea:, From the Oregonian, Thursday, February 02, 2006: Thomas E. Roberts A memorial service will be at 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006, in Omega Funeral & Cremation Service for Thomas E. Roberts, who died Jan. 31 at age 47. Mr. Roberts was born Nov. 4, 1958, in Portland. He was a guitarist and songwriter with the punk rock band Poison Idea. Survivors include his mother and stepfather, Phyllis and Arthur D. Carlson; brother, William F.; sisters, JoAnn Jones and Lynn Roberts; stepsisters, Jennifer DeWolfe, Vanessa Armstrong and Constance Taliaferro. His father Dr. William F. died in 1966. A more extensive obituary may be found here:

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