Posted By Miss Jen Lane of BarFly fame on October 16, 2006, 11:48 am

And the winners are...

Thanks to one and all who made the scene at the social event of the season last night! Here are your winners... 1. Fastest guns in the West? WINNER! Jason Keebler (Sabala's) 2. Funniest bartender? WINNER! Kelly "Gator" Gately (Dante's) 3. Hottest item not on the menu WINNER! Stephanie (Sabala's, Doug Fir) 4. Nicest bouncer? Please include where they work, and if there's multiple locations with the same name, please be as specific as possible! WINNER! Crack La Rock (Doug Fir, Fez) 5. Sexiest stripper WINNER! Malice (Devils Point, Sassy's, Devil's Point, Union Jacks, Sinferno Caberet) 6. Bestest deejay ever? WINNER! Disk Jockey Gregarious (Fez) 7. Favorite cabbie WINNER! Enrique (Radio Cab) Holly Morgan (Radio Cab) Hovering (Radio Cab) 8. Hottest hairstylist? WINNER! Crystal Eppinger 9. Most good writer WINNER! Night Cabbie (Willamette Week) 10. Best drunk WINNER! Kelly “Gator” Gately (Starantula, Dante's) 11. Most ghetto fabulous WINNER! DJ Paula B (Berbati's, XV) 12. Best band for a one night stand? WINNER! The Nice Boys 13. Hardest working man or woman in show business WINNER! Noah Mickens 14. Most likely to be famous? WINNER! Jen Folker 15. Lifetime achievement award? WINNER! Elvis

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