Posted By Miss Jen Lane of BarFly fame on May 12, 2011, 6:10 pm

Meet Babe Force BarFly!

Babe Force BarFly, a.k.a. The BarFly Bikini Team (in good weather!), made its debut at the 2011 BarFly Awards, and will be making appearances at BarFly's new weekly pop-up happy hour parties, T.G.I.BarFly, and various other promo opps about town, starting in May 2011!

From left to right, that's Miss Tyler Tronson, Babe Force BarFly's fearless leader, and BarFly Babes, Kassidy Gardner, Rita Walling, and Amburr Flynn. Photo by Jenny Evans.

 Babe Force BarFly at the 2011 BarFly Awards










Want to be on Babe Force BarFly? Email info at for info. You'll get cash and awesome BarFly perks for your appearances!  Boy babes welcome, too, by the by!

Want Babe Force BarFly to liven up your [bar's] otherwise dull existence? Please email info at or call 503.813.9999. 

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