Posted By Kyle Ritter on November 8, 2007, 11:43 am

Prohibition Party Activist Died Yesterday

There is a tear in my beer because of this news. Now if only the OLCC would spontaneously combust and be sent to the temperance afterlife, we'd be making some progress.

Just for fun, spend sometime browsing the Prohibition Party (which seems to be a contradiction in terms). I really like these sweet buttons, and of course you can order a book about the Bible and It's Wines.

If that's not enough 

Modern Drunkard also did an interview with rival Prohibition Party Candidate Gene Amondon. One of my favorite quotes below:

Alcohol is the biggest spreader of AIDS in America. You go to Alaska where they all start drinking — miners, loggers and fishermen — they all go to bed together and the next year they have oodles of cases of AIDS 


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